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2023's Amazing Musical Talents

papa thom.jpg
papa thom

10 - 11am


Keith "Papa" Thom is an accomplished singer/songwriter in numerous styles. He’s a natural on guitar with fingers flowing effortlessly over the frets. His voice is strong, diction clear, and range impressive. Of particular strength, though, is his lyrical brilliance. As a songwriter, Keith applies verbs, nouns, and adjectives to music scales like a master artist applies brush and paint to canvas. His literary work generally happens with ease.

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Jeremy messenger

11 - 12pm

Check out his music here

bran sanders.jpg
bran sanders

12 - 1pm


''A restless soul, eased by sweet melody''.
Check out his new single: Fire In Them Hills

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kansas lee

1 - 2pm


Kansas-Lee’s songwriting has been described as “divined from the country of pure vulnerability”. From piano to guitar she’s been composing all her life. An honest alt-folk artist with a powerfully dynamic voice and authentic presence. 

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the harshmellows (1).jpg
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the harshmellows

2 - 4pm


The Harshmellows are a classic rock band who play music from the 70's,80's, and 90's. Consisting of vocalist Don Courtney, originally from the Lower Mainland, Don has sung in many bands over the last 30 years playing both originals and covers. Guitarist Stuart Wright hails from the U.K. and started his career in the glam metal scene of the late 80's and early 90's playing around West London. On Bass is Jaromi Bogardt, who as well as being an amazing bassist also proves to be an excellent sound engineer. On drums and percussion we have Trevor Desautels. Trevor has many years of experience playing in the Okanagan music scene.

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