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2024 Speakers and Workshops

Cory Davis, Agrologist, Coauther of "Plant Powered Protein"

Plant protein as environmental conservation

Time: TBA


Plant Powered Protein: Why protein derived from plants is not only comparable to protein from animal products but is also often superior to it. From a lower carbon footprint to plant compounds that help reduce the risk of chronic diseases, the case for eating more plant-protein is strong..

Agrology is a broad multidisciplinary field that encompasses the natural, economic, and social sciences related to environmental protection, horticulture, aquaculture, viticulture, rangelands, silviculture, agri-tech, and natural resources management, and other related areas.

Bill and Connie DeKramer, Amazing Health Effortlessly

Restoring Health & Natural Weight Loss with Whole Foods

Time: TBA


We were born to thrive. Every cell of the 70 trillion cells in our bodies has the blueprint for a healthy, balanced functioning of our tissues and organs. The force behind the obesity and chronic health epidemic we see today is not that our bodies have lost their ability to be healthy, but that they are awash in an unhealthy internal environment produced by high-calorie, low nutrient dense foods. Connie and Bill have been helping people restore health and lose weight naturally for 30 years by returning to a Whole Food Plant Based diet that cleans up the internal environment and turns back on those genes that have us thriving with energy, clarity and vitality. They will also discuss how they provide guidance in making the shift to WFPB sustainable by addressing the mental/emotional relationship we have with food.

Faith Affleck, Star's Piggly Wigglys Sanctuary

The Animals of the Sanctuary

Time: TBA


Dr. Ali McMillan, Naturopathic Doctor

Plant Based Health

Time: TBA


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