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mart rivard.jpg
Jennifer pont & Anna webster
connecting food choices & the planet

10:30 - 11am and
3 - 3:30pm


EcoCooks is on a mission to empower youth to take climate action by connecting how our food choices impact the planet. Learn more by joining our two Educators, Jen & Anna, and use your phone to play along and try to win a prize in our interactive trivia game!

Mart Rivard & Joanna best
Tempeh 101

11 - 11:45am

Mart from Vegilante Tempeh and Joanna from Umami are teaming up in this workshop! You will leave this session with an understanding of what tempeh is, it's history, how to use it at home and will even have sampled it in two different portions!

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Dr.Jade Dittaro.jpeg
dr. jade dittaro
Vegan and thriving: Health benefits of plant based eating

11:45 - 12:15pm


Dr. Jade will address myths, answer questions pertaining to common nutrient concerns, and discuss the emerging field of lifestyle medicine, and how that relates to being vegan.

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Brenda Davis, rd
Plant-Powered Protein

12:15 - 1:pm


We live in a protein-obsessed culture. People of all ages and activity levels are concerned about getting enough protein. Those who shift to plant-based diets will inevitably be asked the question, “Where will you get your protein?”. Many North Americans assume that only animal products provide the high-quality protein people need to build and maintain muscles, and that without it, protein deficiency will quickly ensue. In this presentation, Brenda Davis, RD, plant-based pioneer and prolific author of 13 plant-based classics, including Plant-Powered Protein (2023), lays the protein question to rest once and for all. She tackles many other protein misconceptions and examines standard tools for assessing protein quality. A strong case is made for re-defining protein quality to include the impacts of various protein sources on death and disease. Brenda discusses protein needs throughout the lifecycle, the advantages of plant vs animal protein, and identifies the most healthful protein sources. She considers the impacts of protein beyond human health. This is a lecture that you won't want to miss!

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natasha chalmers
How To Build The Perfect Autumn Vegan Charcuterie 

1 - 1:30pm


Natasha with Maple & Manchester Fauxmagerie will teach you how to build the perfect vegan Autumn charcuterie board that will dazzle your guests. Learn why more is always more when building a board and explore cozy Autumn ingredient options in this workshop.

marie-claude lanctot
Time to nosh? We have planty of options.

1:30 - 2:15pm


Join Marie-Claude, the culinary virtuoso behind 'Planty of Nosh,' for an unforgettable culinary adventure that will tantalize your taste buds and transform your family's meals forever! Get ready to embark on a delectable journey into the heart of whole food plant-based cuisine, where flavor meets health, and simplicity meets gourmet. In this captivating presentation and cooking demo, Marie-Claude will reveal her culinary secrets honed through years of experience in the kitchens of France and her own restaurant. With an expert touch, she'll show you how to effortlessly elevate your everyday dishes using 'Planty of Nosh' products. From mouthwatering main courses to delightful snacks, she'll share innovative yet easy-to-follow recipes that guarantee to delight every member of your family. Get ready to savor the essence of health and taste in every bite. Don't miss out on this delectable journey – your palate will thank you, and your family will adore you!

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amy soranno
why I got arrested for animal rights

2:15 - 3pm

Join us for a thought-provoking talk by animal activist Amy Soranno - one of the Excelsior 4 activists. Despite facing imprisonment for exposing criminal animal cruelty, Amy’s dedication to the cause has only intensified. In this talk, she will take us on a journey through the current landscape of animal rights, with the blend of challenges and victories. Drawing from history and her personal experiences, Amy will shed light on the importance of taking bold actions, even when it comes at a personal cost. Central to her discussion will be the exploration of effective advocacy, as she unravels strategies and tactics that can revolutionize the cause.

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